2019 Holiday Reception

On December 5, 2019, community members, staff, faculty, and alumni participated in the annual Holiday Reception held at Rhodes State College in the Keese Hall Multipurpose Center. Newly appointed President, Dr. Cynthia E. Spiers gave an update on the new Center for Health Sciences Education and Innovation to be built in Downtown Lima in the coming year. Alumni who attended the event are noted below.

 Dr. Cynthia Spiers and Dr. Ann Pohl (NSG'95) 

Dr. Tim A. Rehner, Richard Kortokrax (MGT'82), Heather Jordan, Jed Metzger

Kevin Reeks, Cathy Woodward, Janette Degen, Douglass Degen (MED'87)

Dr. Cynthia Spiers, Ken Blanchard (MGT'84)

Jill Hay (DHY'92), Dr. Eric Mason (NSG'96), Denise Bowers

Dr. Cynthia Spiers, Kathleen Phipps, Greg Phipps

Paula Siebeneck (SEC'89), Carole Enneking

Sylvia Sargent (CPT'99), Dr. Cynthia Spiers, Joe Sargent

Andrea Guice (HUM'99), Kesha Drake

Beth White, Pam Halfhill,  Gary Halfhill (RES'00)

Nancy Williams Shuffle (DHY'05), Dr. Cynthia Spiers, John Shuffle

Rhonda Zimmerly (ACC'94), Dr. Cynthia Spiers

Nadine Gurto (MGT'02), Dr. Cynthia Spiers

Chad Teman, Lindsey Teman (ACC'04), Allison Unterbrink, Jeff Unterbrink

Damon Hughes (CPT'91), Dr. Cynthia Spiers, Pam Hughes (ACC'95)