Rhodes State Employee Holiday Luncheon

Rhodes State Employees celebrated the holidays together on December12, 2019 in the Kees Hall MPC. Santa came to visit while they were there. Below are the alumni who got to talk with Santa during the celebration.  

Right - Courtney Hastings (MGB'16), Second from right - Kathy Keller (MGB'08)

Second from left - Ardella Jones (MAT'00), Right - Diana Spellman (CPT'84)

Left - Chad Cupples (LAW'00)

Left to Right - Pam Hughes (ACC'95), Santa (NSG'83), Damon Hughes (CPT'91)

Right - Dr. Eric Mason (NSG'96)

Second from left - Diane Miller (MGB'02), Second from right - Steve Stiles (ACC'86)

Left - Jill Hay (DHY'92)

Right - Melissa Harvey (NSG'06)

Right - David Bruns (ACC'87)

Left - Kathi Stephens (OAE'07)

Left - Lynette Goodwin (OAD'96)

Left - Nadine Gurto (MGT'02)